Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comcast's Snarky Assessment of Sully and the Flight 1549 Crew

Here's how Comcast describes the Letterman show tonight, word for word. Personally, I could do without their snarky, judgmental assessment of these fine people at the end of the listing. (And they misspelled Sully's first name.)

"Late Show With David Letterman
Tue, Feb 10, 11:35p - 12:37a
029 WUSA
New, (2009) Capt. Chelsey Sullenberger, pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, which landed safely in the Hudson River. Also: copilot Jeffrey Skiles and flight attendants Sheila Dail, Donna Dent and Doreen Welsh; Heartless Bastards. (Talk)"


  1. A case of putting too much stock in a semi-colon. Say, thanks for following over at RFBanjo.

  2. ha ha ! obviously there was a letter limit! I assume the heartless bastards is a musical group. or maybe comcast was 'signing' the listing???