Friday, February 20, 2009

A Homecoming (Drag) Queen? 2009? or 1967?

George Mason University elects a Homecoming (Drag) Queen. Sign of the times? Evidence of a new acceptance of diversity, as the new queen says?

Well, harken back to 1967 when TCU students elected a homecoming queen named Mason Dixon. A male homecoming queen. 1967? Texas! Christian! University!

Ryan Allen, who performs as drag queen Reann Ballslee in DC area clubs, is making headlines and being featured on news shows across America this week. I say more power to both Ryan and Reann.

I wasn't at TCU in 1967 so I don't know the details. And okay, maybe a man didn't win. Maybe he was just a candidate. But don't spoil my story with facts. What I know is that his name was Mason Dixon. He caused a stir and became legendary.

By the way, George Mason? Mason Dixon Line? Mason Dixon, Queen? Two degrees -- or lines -- of separation.

And I wouldn't have remembered the year, but I Googled it and sure enough it was a trivia question in The TCU Magazine's Winter 2008 issue.

If you're really bored, you can see the full quiz here. I'm betting on mouse (aka kimy) and her mousemate (aka f) to know some of the answers. But here are a few of my favorite questions in the quiz: (the answers are here)
The TCU You May Not Know Quiz
By The TCU Magazine staff

1.Which former TCU gridiron star played the lead role of Ranger Tom King in a serial Western titled "King of the Texas Rangers?"
a) Davey O'Brien
b) Jim Swink
c) Sammy Baugh
d) Bob Lilly

9. When early TCU officials were searching for an appropriate mascot back in the late 1890s, the runner-up to the Horned Frog was what?
a) Prairie dog
b) Cactus
c) Fire ant
d) Bullfrog

15. In 1949, TCU became the first university in the nation to offer a four-year degree in:
a) Physical Therapy
b) Ballet
c) Astrophysics
d) Photojournalism

21. What TCU football legend went on to a career in the FBI?
a) Davey O'Brien
b) Jim Swink
c) Sam Baugh
d) Rags Matthews


  1. Two degrees of separation is right! I have Mason in my genetic line, so maybe that makes me three degrees.

  2. the only answer I think I may know is the one to 15 - ballet? although I could be wrong.... never was a fan of football so am worthless in terms of the other questions you selected.... mr. f would probably know all the answers and know them correctly....he is the answer man....

    I'm most curious to know the answer to the mascot question....i would like to think it was the prairie dog, as I love those adorable little rodents - I don't think prairie dogs live in the area now a days, but they might have been during the 1890s -- unfortunately like most rodents humans have a problem with co-existing with them.....oh I feel a rant coming on - but I will spare you and your esteemed readership a diatribe by the likes of this little mouse regarding rodent rights!

    but let me just say as far as rodents go, humans you have nothing to fear but your fear and the fleas which sometimes make their home on a rodent...... of course a rodent will bite but only when provoked or when they are afraid of you!!

    love your word play.....have to remember to check out the entire quiz when I have a moment....

    we had a cat named mason once but he was deaf and met an untimely death when he encountered a large metallic object which was traveling down our street.... and is why we now only have inside cats!

  3. duh....i see you have the answers linked along with the full quiz....well i did get ballet correct....but a catus! give me a break....but I guess I can see the point....